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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ombre Nails Picture Tutorial

Green and Purple Ombre Nails

 Products and Tools

Lacura Beauty (Number 310), Lacura Beauty (Number 9), Lacura Beauty (Number 1)
Essence Duo Stylist, Essence Nailart Sponge

Before you start

Clean your nails with nailpolish remover and aply a basecoat or just a clear nailpolish.

Let's start with the fun part

Step 1

Choose one of your two colors and  paint your complete nail and wait until it's dry.

 Step 2

Take both of your colors and make a drop on a peace of cardboard. The two drops should be very close together.

 Step 3

Blend the two colors. You can use the essence duo stylist or just a toothpick for doing that.

Step 4

Take the color on the sponge and dap it on your nail.

Step 5

Clean the edges with polish remover and add a topcoat or clear nailpolish.

You're ready! :)

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