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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Chuck Nails Picture Tutorial

How to do Chuck Nails 

  Tutorial in Deutsch:


 Products and Tools

Lacura Beauty (number 1), Catrice Cosmetics (Raspberry Fields Forever), Essence tip painter, Beauty Line (number 4)

Essence Duo Stylist, Essence Nailart designer brush

Before you start

Clear your nail with nailpolish remover to make sure your nail is clean and aply a basecoat or clear nailpolish to avoid discolorations of your natural nail

Now let's start:

Step 1

Paint your nail completely with your basic color (you can use any color you want) and wait for it to dry.

 Step 2

  Paint the top of your nail white and end in a straight line. Wait until it's dry.

Step 3 

Take the Essence Duo Stylist and paint three black dots on each side of the nail. They should be a little bit closer together each time. And again: Wait until the polish is dry

Step 4

Use the Essence Tip Painter for drawing the laces. (Mabey you have to do some of the dots again)

Step 5

Take the Nailart designer bruch and draw a black line in the middle of the white part on your nail. The line should follow the shape of your nail.

Step 6

Aply a topcoat or just a clear nailpolish to complete your look.

 You're done! :)


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